BBFX started providing products to the industry back on 'Pirates of the Caribbean II & III' (thanks guys!!). Since then a loyal band of artists and technicians have helped us develop and grow our range. 

The working day is tough, so our products are made to withstand the harshest conditions.
We road-test them in all types of on-set situations and we're convinced they won't just be the best products you have used, but great value too!

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, BBFX uses the finest cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients available. Our cutting edge formulations use high solids, high pigments and no fillers.

We closely monitor every stage of production to ensure consistency in every batch. Our packaging displays ingredients to give you peace of mind and the professional assurance you deserve. Safe and effective, our products pass the strictest EU and USA standards. And should you need them, access to Safety Data Sheets is always available.

We do everything possible to lower our environmental impact including the use of recyclable packaging in almost all our products. Although not vegan, we use sustainably sourced plant-based materials wherever possible. Non-plant based ingredients are selected only when they exhibit superior qualities.

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