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Blood & Dried Blood Inks

Ink Bloods
Our famous alcohol-based ink formula in Blood and Dried Blood colours.
Mix with Gloss Sealer for 'plasma' effect.

Available in10ml Tubes, 30ml, 50ml, 120ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1 Litre.


Bright & Dark Bloods in Thick & Flowing consistencies

Water-Based Bloods

Two textures
Thick ~ to add 'body' to a wound.
Flowing ~ to slowly drip.

Two colours
Dark ~ for general use.
Bright ~ for dark skin, dark surfaces or low-light.

Available in 60ml,120ml, 1Litre and 5 Litres
Water-Based Bloods are washable, but please check fabrics for staining prior to use.


Coming Soon
More Blood soon!