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Three unique removers, each with a very special purpose.


Get It Off

Get It Off is an oil-free liquid, brilliant for removing Pros Aide and 'Bondo' type adhesives. Soak well and work in with soft brush or puff before cleaning with damp, warm towel. Repeat as necessary. Great for cleaning brushes too!
The most gentle remover of its type. Like all our products, Get It Off is made from only the highest cosmetic grade ingredients.
Sizes - 120ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre



Vanish - A creme remover that liquifies on skin contact. Vanish is made with emollients and silicones for the most gentle and thorough clean ever.
Perfect for removing Inks, Adhesives, Old Age and Filthy, or for that final moisturising clean after any prosthetic removal.
Follow Vanish with a warm towel and your skin will feel restored and relaxed.

Vanish uses only responsibly sourced CSPO approved palm oil. Available in 100g and 200g jars.


Clean Up

Use Clean Up for speedy removal of all resins and rosin-based adhesives such as our Adhesive and Adhesive X.
Also great for cleaning off messy PaX after prosthetic application!
Clean Up contains alcohol and is not recommended for use on sensitive areas.
Sizes - 120ml, 500ml and 1 litre


Coming soon
New removers to make the job even easier!
Stay tuned...

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