Introducing Sil-Sol, a cosmetic grade thinner developed especially for the lab.
Used together with RTV silicone and pigments, Sil-Sol can create a range of fluid washes and spray colours to permanently colour silicone FX, props and animatronics. Sil-Sol is a safer alternative to solvents like Naptha.

*PRO TIP! Sil-Sol can also be used to modify the viscosity of casting silicones to create a 'slushable' fluid. Now you can fill your fake head  moulds just like you used to with latex! Simply pour and slush. Add more layers for extra thickness, then fill with poly foam etc.
(Sil-Sol will evaporate out of the cured silicone without altering the silicone's strength. Some shrinkage will occur).


Always use with good ventilation and appropriate filter masks or supplied air apparatus, especially when spraying. Not intended for use on skin. 
Available in 250ml, 1 litre, 5 litres